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Running a forum can take a good chunk of change for the administrators and owners of the forum. Development of new features also takes up valuable time that is devoted to the community.

So to help development of the forum software and keep the servers running, we have opened donation portals on Patreon and PayPal for those who want to support the forum development. But that's not all you can do to help us out! Other ways that you can support the forum are:

Disabling your AdBlocker

Ads help fund the rental costs for our servers. If you really want to support us financially, but can't for whatever reason, you can disable your ad blocking software. Our website doesn't use any annoying popups, video and audio ads and otherwise annoying ads.

Reporting bugs and leaving feedback about the Forum

The site is in open beta for a reason. We believe that you deserve to be a part of an exciting adventure to an awesome, multifunctional, fully-featured and polished site. Any feedback is valuable, whether it's positive (telling us how much you like the site, which parts you like the most) or negative (constructive criticism, general hate without any context is unacceptable). Suggestions are always welcome, as we want our site to look like something unique that stands out from the crowd.

Posting quality content regularly

Believe it or not, simply posting good, quality content is a great way to support the forum! It is commonly said that a forum without content may as well be a blog. As well as posting, general activity is key for a forum to grow and thrive. Feel free to engage in discussions, ask questions and show your work to the community. By doing this, it helps you build a community presence, and it also helps us keep the forum active. That being said, you should also make sure your content is not repetitive or otherwise unwanted. If you want to help us, don't post stuff for us to clear.

Want to contribute to the forum financially? Take a look below that are on offer for you.

Rewards for contributors

Here are some of the rewards you can get for contributing to our cause!





* All web ads will be removed, except for banners created by fellow forum members.
All packs listed are subject to change as forum features are added / removed / changed.