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After creating your forum account, you can view and change certain settings on your profile.

Changing Profile Settings

To change your profile settings, simply click or touch the edit icon.

Profile Overview

The 'Overview' tab shows your overall stats, including your number of posts, number of likes given by others, your usergroup, contest entries and your premium status.


The 'Content' tab contains the last 9 posts that you have made on the forum. From here, you can choose to view the original thread that the post is in, the post itself, or the time that the post was made.


Classdev features a 'friends' or 'buddy' feature, which allows members to add each other to their friends list. Friends can be seen online in their own category, as well as appearing in various other places.


The 'Groups' tab shows the usergroup that you are currently in, as well as the permissions that you currently have allocated to your account. Depending on your usergroup, you may be able to perform more actions than a normal user.


The 'Groups' tab contains some of the information that you have specified during the registration process. If you choose to do so, it can display your email address, country, website (if you have one), your birthdate, date registered and your unique user ID.

If you have a social media account (such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter), you can have it display under the 'Social Media' section.