Posting messages and threads

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Creating new posts and threads is very easy. Depending on what type of message you want to post, you may need to have the permissions needed to be able to post. Alternatively, some boards on the forum may not allow you to post new threads, but allow you to reply to pre-existing ones.

Posting a 'Quick Reply'

A 'quick reply' is just another way of posting a reply to a thread. Rather than loading a full-screen form for you to enter your message, all threads that are open for new replies will have a box at the bottom of the page. This area allows you to compose your message and post it, all without leaving the page.

When using the 'quick reply' area, you have the option to preview the post first, to double-check for any errors, post the message, or switch to the full-screen area.

NOTE: The current version of the forum (18.3) does not keep your entered text, so be sure to copy this before you switch!

Posting a full reply

A 'full reply' is essentially the same as the quick reply, however you can add attachments to your post! To access the full reply page, click the 'Reply' button on the topic bar, or use the link in the quick reply area.

The full reply page also allows you to preview the post, just like the quick reply area.

Posting a new thread

A 'thread' is a topic that others (or yourself) can reply to, creating a discussion. To start a new thread, navigate to the board where you wish to create the thread, and click on the () button (located at the top bar), which will take you to the 'Create New Thread' page. While this presents a number of options, the two most important are the 'Subject 'field and the main text area for the message itself. Enter your subject and start typing (or paste) your message into the main text area.

Not required, but useful and recommended to set is the 'Type' of the thread that you are creating. This can be changed by selecting the appropiate option from the Type area.
The thread types that currently exist are:

Once you are happy with your message, you can post it by clicking the Post button, or you can preview it first by using the Preview button.

NOTE: After submitting your post or thread, you won't be able to make another one in the same thread for 30 minute, unless another member posts within the 30 minute delay. This is to reduce spam and 'reserved' posts.