Using the Shoutbox

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The Shoutbox is a real-time chatroom that lets members communicate with each other in a public space, without having to create a new topic. This is a potentially quick way of gathering responses to a question that may not be otherwise suited to it's own individual topic.

How to send Shoutbox messages

To send a shoutbox message, return to the 'Forum' page (also called the index) and on the bottom of the screen will be the Shoutbox area. Simply type the message and click 'Send'. Unlike regular posts or messages, the shoutbox does not support formatting. Users cannot be mentioned at this stage. Please note that the shoutbox area is still a moderated area of the forum, so abusing it may result in you losing your ability to post in the shoutbox.

Shoutbox Icons

Some users that post in the shoutbox may have one or more special icons beside their username. This is to indicate that they are either a forum moderator (represented by the icon), or that they are a supporter of the forum (represented by the icon).