Using BBCode in Posts

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Classdev supports using BBCodes. Bulletin Board Codes or BBCodes are a way to format posts on the forum, and in many other places that use it.

Using BBCode

When using BBCode in your posts, some of the tags can be stacked on each other, giving both of the effects. For example, using both the bold and the italics tags will give you text that is bold and italic.

Remember! Because of the way the forum (and most other BBCode-powered websites), using BBCode requires that you close the tag by adding a forward-slash ('/') to the following BBCode tag. To put it simply, using [b]bold text[b] won't work, because the tag isn't closed. This will make all of the text after the tag bold. But using [b]bold text[/b] will work because the tag has been closed, and the forum can tell where to stop the text from being bold.

Basic BBCode List and Usage Examples

Below is the BBCode that the forum currently supports, as of version 18. As updates are released, the available codes may change.

Tag Code Usage Example Result Notes
Bold [b] [b]This is some cool text![/b] This is some cool text!
Italic [i] [i]This is some cool text![/i] This is some cool text!
Underline [u] [u]This is some cool text![/u] This is some cool text!
Strikeout [s] [s]This is some cool text![/s] This is some cool text!
Image [img] [img][/img] Make sure that the image you are linking is publicly accessible. Otherwise the image may not show up in the post.
Link [url] [url][/url] Alternative link titles (eg. using different link names) are currently unsupported.
Code [code] [code]
void main() {
  print("Hello World!");

void main() {
  print("Hello World!");

No syntax highlighting is implemented into the current code tags.
Quote [quote] [quote]This is some cool text![/quote]

This is some cool text!

Mention @ (at-symbol) @drninkeo @drninkeo is a cool guy Mentioning a user will send them a notification message, so use wisely!