Welcome to the NEW 3D Foundry site

So much for a quick update, huh? That aside, we've got the archive for the Proboards forum available to browse, along with all the attachments being intact and ready to download. At this stage, you will still need to rename them from their ID number in order to use them. The complete update log includes:

  • Switched to mobile site to reduce complexity within the pages.
    The javascript in the normal desktop site was causing issues with the crawling software I used previously. As a result, switching to the mobile page was required so I could easily update everything to work here.
  • Added Games section
  • Added Wallpaper showcase section
    By popular demand! I removed these last time because of again, the javascript caused problems. Both of these sections were redesigned to fit in with the rest of the site, in a much easier to navigate fashion. Unfortunately the wallpapers are only the scaled down versions, the full versions aren't available at the moment.
  • Fixed page pagination issue
    Contrary to belief, the page pagination issue wasn't actually related to the javascript. This is because my crawler would still update the page based on the page, including javascript related navigations. The actual was simply because of the inclusion of question marks (?) in the filenames, preventing pages past the first from being accessible. By default, this means that most webhosts won't load the pages, as they are supposed to be loaded in via javascript. Since the links were hard-coded, they didn't trigger the load events. The fix was to replace the question marks with any other character that is allowed to be loaded by the webhost (in my case it's the dash (-) symbol). This issue should now have been fixed, but if there's anything that isn't fixed, please report it in the '3DFoundry is getting a makeover' thread in ClassDev.
  • Attachments available to download
    I have coded a simple script that redirects all attachment requests to the correct folder. Again, you'll still need to rename the files themselves you download to the name specified in the link.

Enjoy the site!
--Dr Ninkeo / Redneck Bogan

Posted on Jun 10, 2019


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