Welcome to 3DFoundry

3DFoundry is a community driven website designed to archive the content of the 3D Rad game engine, which was in active development from 1998 until 2014. We aim to preserve the vast majority of the content produced by members of the community over years gone-by, and keep producing new content that anyone using this engine may find useful.

We have hosted the official 3D Rad website and community forum archives for the last 3 years, which is available for anybody to browse over in the archives section.

What is the 3D Rad game engine?

3D Rad is a game engine that was initially developed by Studio Bitplane in 1998. The goals of this engine was to bring a simple, yet advanced creation IDE that anybody could use. Over the time that the engine was in development, it evolved from the DOS era to the DirectX based application seen today.