21 system shaders, specmap, cel, lightmap, glowmap, rim and terrain shaders.

Minimum requirements

3D Rad v6.49 plus skinmesh patch



1.09 - Added, Alpha, mirrorUV and emissive factor 1.08 - Fixed transparency issues when envmap is greater than 1 1.07 - Added spcular map shaders and rimlight/reflect shaders, UVW animation on all shaders 1.06 - 1.06 - Changes to support SpotLights 1.05 - Added rgb2tx shaders. 1.04 - Fixed Vegetation shader not showing correct on multiple textures 1.03 - PointLight not illuminating lightmap when sun is black, fixed, added 0015_user_bumpy_glossy_tile and 0025_user_vegetation 1.02

Main features

Supports all lightmodes : fog, sunlight, 4 pointlights, envmaps on non bumpy.

Optional settings include

For more info:


After installation, in 3D Rad, you can access the shaders from Skinmesh dialog.