SpotLight Support for SystemShader1 Addon.

Minimum requirements

3D Rad v6.49 plus skinmesh patch Systemshader1_shx addon (v1.06 or better)


How do add a spotlight to your scene :

I'll use car headlights as example here :

  1. Make sure all skinmehes you want to react to a SpotLight MUST be using a user shader (any).
  2. Add a spotlight by pressing CTRL+D, go to effects and select SpotLight01 (if this is the first spotlight or pointlight in your scene), if you already have a spot or pointlight, select SpotLight02 and so on..
  3. Add your car
  4. Position "SpotLight01 : Pos / Range / Color", to the front of the car in the editor. you can also edit color/range by clicking it.
  5. Link Car with SpotLight01 Script : Cone/Orientation/Target(s), open it and make sure this is true (if not edit it)

int OrientationObject = OBJ_0;

You might want to boost intensity in daylight or set the sun to black

float intensity = 5;

The cone of light is also adjustable

float cone = 50; //higher value gives more narrow cone. 0 will set spot as pointlight

  1. Link SpotLight01 Script : Cone/Orientation/Target(s) to every skinmesh you shaded in 1.

You now have a spotlight as headlights. Repeat for Spotlight02-04 if you need.

The addon also contains a shadable default terrain and a sample project called SpotLightDemo.3dr The shadable terrain can be found by pressing Ctrl+D under Terrains.


  1. Terrain addon (so you can shade it)
  2. Four SpotLights addons
  3. Sample Project called SpotlightDemo.3dr


After installation, in 3D Rad, you can access the addon by pressing Ctrl+D.