All of the following files are the addons that were available on the 3DRad website as of late 2015. Some of these may require additional resources not included with them (eg. external DLL files or programs), readinng the pre-included readme files is suggested.

3rdPersonWalkIntoOutOfCar.exe 540.4 KB
animated_cam_horror_room.exe 3 MB
BoxRagdoll_dtx.exe 552.5 KB 11.1 MB
E300_xi.exe 3 MB
E300_xi_v7.exe 3 MB
Explosive_tnt.exe 416.5 KB
FirstPersonShooterPlayer_tac.exe 1.2 MB
M1A2Abrams_ac.exe 5.9 MB
NavBeacon_mkx.exe 790.1 KB
Planets_xi.exe 5.8 MB 13.9 MB 13.9 MB
Rocks_xi.exe 8.9 MB
SpotLight_shx.exe 5.9 MB
SystemShaders1_shx.exe 2.6 MB
Tank_ac.exe 912.7 KB
Terrains_xi.exe 18.7 MB
Trees_xi.exe 7.4 MB

Note on EXE Installers

Most, if not all addons were originally distributed as an installer. This not only required 3DRad to be installed, but they can be the subject of tampering by malware. Before running any of these installers, please scan them with your anti-virus program to ensure that they are clean. 3DFoundry strives to keep all addon installers clean of any malware / spyware / adware, but we can't be held liable for any damage as a result of using them.