About 3DFoundry

3DFoundry is a community-ran webpage that aims to preserve the tools and resources used for the 3DRad game engine, an abandoned but interesting software that allows anyone to make their very own 3D game. We aim to catalogue even the rarest of the tools, as well as the game engine itself. To explore the archive of files and resources, head on over to the 'Resource' and 'Archive' pages.

Submitting files to the site

Since this page contains files from many different people, we might occasionally miss something. If you happen to come across a file or resource for 3DRad that we don't have, please contact the staff so we can add it. Remember, for whatever reason, we may decide to refuse anything, so don't feel offended if we choose not to add it.

If you have an account to manage the files, you can add it to the corresponding webpage.

Contacting the Staff

This webpage is hosted and ran by Dr Ninkeo of drninkeo.me. If you need to contact him, please don't hesitate to send him a private message on the ClassDev community forum (classdev.net). Alternatively, if you find any errors on this webpage, please report it on the 3DFoundry discussion board.

3DRad Forum Archive

The 3DRad forum archive is available by clicking the 'Archive' link in the top menu. Because of the way the forum was backed up, it does not have all of the attachments, nor will it get them anytime soon. DO NOT REPORT THE ATTACHMENTS AS MISSING FILES! We already know about it.